5 Guidelines for Making Songs

Making songs will be directly proportional to how many songs or music we hear. The more often and more we hear songs or music, so it will become easier for us to make songs.

Making songs becomes a meaningful thing for musicians, because a work can be a ‘vehicle’ for musicians to reach their goals (whatever it is, whether the goal is to become popular and rich, or the goal is to penetrate the international market. Freedom). Although there are many musicians who can live with other people’s songs, aka cover version musicians, as a musician it feels like making songs is still meaningful, at least he has his own song bank. In comparison, with all humility, bands that are popular with their own songs generally have far more income than bands that deliver songs belonging to others. But, is making a song that difficult?

making songs

Making a song will be directly proportional to how many songs or music we hear. The more often and more we hear songs or music, so it will become easier for us to make songs. Why? Because with the number of songs that we listen to, the ‘bank’ of notes that we absorb is also a lot, and the next thing we can do is sort out these tones and then process them and become our own ‘tones’. DCDC summarizes 5 guides to making songs. What are the steps? Follow through the posts at this bottom.

Define Theme

Ensuring a theme can be the first … Read More

Best Music Streaming Services to Get Your Groove On

To many, music is food to their soul, but using the best music streaming service to listen to such music only improves the quality. Choosing the perfect music streaming service is a difficult task since an artist may be at one streaming platform and not the other.

To get positive and negative reviews from customers who have used products from different companies, you can read it up at Luminablog. Here are some of the best music streaming services that satisfy the music taste of so many music lovers:

 1.  Spotify

Spotify is unarguably one of the music streaming platforms with the most users because of its features. Like the best online shopping website, this streaming service is well arranged, and the menu is placed categorically to help users navigate through their app easily.

The user interface of their app is very clean and beautiful, and making use of the platform for free has a lot of ads attached to it, with a low-quality 96-Kbps rate of streaming, compared to when you subscribe to their premium service that removes the ads and also increase the streaming rate to 320 kbps standard.

2.  Tidal

Tidal is another streaming platform that allows you to add so many songs to your song library, and the songs are arranged very well. It will cost you about $20 every month if you need to use their premium service.

You will find more than 75 million songs on their platform to listen to. Tidal also … Read More

5 Hacks for Getting Funding for Music Recording

For whatever business or endeavor it is you embark on,you need money to kick start whatever it. Meanwhile getting these funds is easier said than done.

There are tons of questions you need to provide honest answers to. Your answers to these questions are what would help your fundraising endeavor. There are suggestions on what these questions are on Collected.Reviews.

Getting funds for anything especially a music recording involves you creating a strategic plan. Over the years, some costs have been reduced, but above all, the recordings to production to marketing process require a large investment of money. You could decide to get a loan, apply for grants or look for other means.

Below are some good hacks that could help you in getting funds for your music recording:


A lot of people, artists have successfully used crowdfunding platforms such as GoFundMe, Kickstarter, or Patreon. On these platforms, the artist in need of money creates content that users read and likely gets motivated to the point of donating any amount to support the project. To get funds through this means, you would need write-ups that would drive the attention of users, advertisement,and any other means that would improve your impression.

2.Apply for Grants from both the Government and Other Private Funding Bodies:

Make researches on available grants that are specifically for starting businesses like yours, grants given to people interested in going into the music industry. In your search for these grants, you could ask for … Read More