Why is it common to see custom Instax film at events?

Companies are always looking for new ways to stay in the minds of their consumers. One way to do this is to get people to see your brand over and over again. Using custom Instax film at events serves this purpose. In addition, every time people talk about their experience at the event with others, they will be doing free advertising for the brand. This method of advertising is not as expensive as some people might think. However, you have to know how to use the instant photo frame in the right way to take advantage of every picture you take. The best way to do this is to only take pictures if people are doing certain types of activities. There can be thousands of people at an event. It is impossible to do this with all of them.

What do companies do before taking the picture?

As mentioned before, it is not possible to offer photographs to everyone attending the event. What companies do is set up a booth or a space where those interested can come. Those who receive a custom Instax film are the people who buy a product or listen to all the information about it and are interested in buying in the future. It is complicated to establish a rule in this area because it depends on the time of the company and the product you offer. You mustn’t offer an instant photo frame to everyone who comes in. Most of them will only come … Read More

What does art tell you?

Art can evoke something, an emotion, a feeling. It can evoke a feeling of satisfaction, a feeling of anger, a feeling of pleasure, you name it. You can also recognize situations from your own life! You can imagine yourself in another world for a while. What does art evoke in you? There are many museums in Amsterdam that you can visit to explore artwork in all its facets. One of those museums is the Moco Museum at the Museumplein in Amsterdam. This museum opened its doors in 2016. You can admire a lot of modern and contemporary art as well as street art. It is a museum where you will certainly be surprised. We will lift a corner of the veil in this blog! If you want to see art that is a bit out of the box: come to the Moco Museum! If you like optical illusions, come to the Moco Museum. And if you just want to get some inspiration, you can of course come and have a look!

From Andy Warhol to Banksky

For example, when you go to the Moco you will encounter iconic works by Andy Warhol. But also work by the British artist Banksy, whose identity is still a mystery. Banksy made many murals that can be seen all over the world. You will also see works of art made entirely of stuffed objects, such as cloth Snoopy’s on a large heap and even a work of art made entirely of cloth genitals. Contemporary … Read More

Contemporary art is a place of political exile

In the last two decades, so-called knowledge production – a set of artistic practices that are not based on the creation of physical objects, but the production of discourse – have become commonplace in contemporary art.

Now at exhibitions, instead of traditional expositions, people can increasingly meet with artistic research or discursive events, performances (lectures, round tables, conferences or speeches), and artists themselves write more and more dissertations and participate in conferences. Theory and Practice speak with famous critic and curator Simon Sheikh, who took part in the former West conference in Berlin, about the production of knowledge in the context of intangible production, about its advantages and disadvantages, about contemporary art education and aesthetic journalism.

Over the last few years, what has been called “knowledge production”, namely the practice of an art based on research, publication, and discussion, rather than making objects, has become something like “ism” of other contemporary art. As far as I know, this concept is also used in other humanitarian disciplines. How do you define knowledge production in a broader context?

I think knowledge production is connected with the idea that ideas can be capitalized, as well as with the creation of patents, internet companies and service providers located at the crossroads of technology, advertising, and consumption. Knowledge production is an important issue in Europe and America because industrial production has been moved to places with cheap labor: Asia, parts of Latin America and even to Southeast Europe. There, people are obsessed with life-long education, … Read More