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What does art tell you?

Art can evoke something, an emotion, a feeling. It can evoke a feeling of satisfaction, a feeling of anger, a feeling of pleasure, you name it. You can also recognize situations from your own life! You can imagine yourself in another world for a while. What does art evoke in you? There are many museums in Amsterdam that you can visit to explore artwork in all its facets. One of those museums is the Moco Museum at the Museumplein in Amsterdam. This museum opened its doors in 2016. You can admire a lot of modern and contemporary art as well as street art. It is a museum where you will certainly be surprised. We will lift a corner of the veil in this blog! If you want to see art that is a bit out of the box: come to the Moco Museum! If you like optical illusions, come to the Moco Museum. And if you just want to get some inspiration, you can of course come and have a look!

From Andy Warhol to Banksky

For example, when you go to the Moco you will encounter iconic works by Andy Warhol. But also work by the British artist Banksy, whose identity is still a mystery. Banksy made many murals that can be seen all over the world. You will also see works of art made entirely of stuffed objects, such as cloth Snoopy’s on a large heap and even a work of art made entirely of cloth genitals. Contemporary … Read More