Best Music Streaming Services to Get Your Groove On

To many, music is food to their soul, but using the best music streaming service to listen to such music only improves the quality. Choosing the perfect music streaming service is a difficult task since an artist may be at one streaming platform and not the other.

To get positive and negative reviews from customers who have used products from different companies, you can read it up at Luminablog. Here are some of the best music streaming services that satisfy the music taste of so many music lovers:

 1.  Spotify

Spotify is unarguably one of the music streaming platforms with the most users because of its features. Like the best online shopping website, this streaming service is well arranged, and the menu is placed categorically to help users navigate through their app easily.

The user interface of their app is very clean and beautiful, and making use of the platform for free has a lot of ads attached to it, with a low-quality 96-Kbps rate of streaming, compared to when you subscribe to their premium service that removes the ads and also increase the streaming rate to 320 kbps standard.

2.  Tidal

Tidal is another streaming platform that allows you to add so many songs to your song library, and the songs are arranged very well. It will cost you about $20 every month if you need to use their premium service.

You will find more than 75 million songs on their platform to listen to. Tidal also supports 360 reality audio, and with its free service, it offers you a 160 kbps streaming rate and, with the standard subscription, a 320 kbps streaming rate.

3.  Apple Music

Apple is a major competitor of Spotify in music streaming services, and it has specs that make music lovers use their service. Apple Music supports some music to be Dolby Atmos. It has over 85 million songs on its platform.

You listen to it at a 256kbps streaming rate, which is lower than Spotify’s. The majority of the control of Apple music on iPhones is done using  Siri, which some people may not like.

4.  YouTube Music

YouTube music is not as popular as the other streaming platforms mentioned above, but it is backed by a multi-billion dollar company and may change the narrative at any given time.

YouTube music has more than 70 million songs at its disposal and allows you to have about 100,000songs in your library. The only part that people who use the free version don’t like is that the music automatically turns off when you move to another app.

5.  Deezer

Deezer is one of those streaming services that competes with Spotify, although Spotify is a way ahead of it in the industry. It has more than 70 million songs available for users to play, and it also allows users to make about 1000 albums. There are songs from some musicians that one may not be allowed to play or stream in the US because they are in French.

Music helps to elevate our mood, and this is only when you use a streaming service that doesn’t clutter your device with ads and a poor user interface. Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music are some of the best you will probably lay your hands on.