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Menguragi Perut Mulas Menggunakan Bahan Alami

Anda pasti pernah merasakan datang sensasi terbakar di dada Anda dan juga perut terasa penuh. Duduk, berdiri, berbaring… semuanya tidak nyaman, dan Anda membutuhkan solusi untuk masalah gangguan pencernaan Anda.

Mulas terjadi ketika asam lambung merambat ke kerongkongan Anda, dan ini adalah masalah yang sering kita tangani. Anda mungkin menggunakan antasida dan obat-obatan yang dijual bebas, tetapi sering kali obat-obatan tersebut tampaknya tidak memberikan cukup bantuan. Untungnya, Anda mungkin sudah memiliki beberapa pengobatan alami rumahan untuk mulas di dapur Anda. Ini bahkan bisa lebih efektif daripada antasida. Jika Anda sering mengalami mulas, ketahuilah bahwa ini bisa menjadi tanda sesuatu yang lebih serius.

Minum Air

Terkadang yang perlu Anda lakukan untuk meredakan mulas adalah minum lebih banyak air. Minum segelas air adalah awal yang baik sebelum beralih ke pengobatan yang lebih intens.

Berdiri tegak

Solusi sederhana ini berhasil karena menjaga makanan dan asam di perut Anda, bukan di kerongkongan Anda. Jika anda membiasakan setelah makan berdiri ataupun duduk tegak ini merupakan kebiasaan yang baik, dan tidak disarankan bagi anda tiduran setelah makan, ini malah bertambah buruk bagi kesehatan perut anda.

Jus nanas

Jus nanas mengandung enzim yang disebut bromelain, yang membantu mengontrol kadar asam klorida di perut Anda. Saat Anda merasakan mulas, cobalah menyesap segelas kecil jus nanas untuk meredakannya.

Jus lidah buaya

Lidah buaya tidak hanya bagus untuk membantu meredakan nyeri akibat sengatan matahari, meminum jus juga merupakan cara efektif untuk melawan mulas. Penting untuk diperhatikan bahwa Anda harus menemukan jus yang ditujukan untuk diminum. Mengkonsumsi gel lidah buaya … Read More

Best Hoodie Brands in 2020

Everyone can agree that the hoodie is a staple in every guy’s wardrobe, whether you head out in it or it’s just something to relax in at home. But since the dawn of streetwear culture, hoodies have quickly turned from a sporty style to an urban essential.

But what should you be looking for if you want to spend £50, £100 or even more on a hoodie? Here’s a look at some of the best hoodies brands in 2020.


For a hoodie for the winter, an outdoor brand should be your first place to start looking and Napapijri are offering a little extra this Autumn. Their Teddy hoodies are a comfy choice for the colder months of the year offered in a variety of colours with their signature branding tapped across the front. It’s an expensive choice but for a long lasting, durable choice, you can’t go wrong with an outerwear brand like Napapijri.


FADED is a mens streetwear brand that’s still pretty young when compared to most. The brand brings the trifecta with unique style, premium fits, and a heavyweight finish. Their styles completely vary too, with the essential classic big and small logo hoodies, to styles with insane graphics to keep you wondering what they’re going to do next. More often than not, their hoodies are usually part of a mens full tracksuit but regardless of whether you want to partner it up with joggers or jeans, FADED have you covered. They tend to offer their … Read More


Understanding Fine Arts

Definition, Function, Types, and Elements in Fine Arts. What is Fine Arts? The era that continues to grow also increases developments in the arts. There is a lot of new knowledge or knowledge in senior fields that is growing day by day. There is no limit in the senior field, because seniors on boundaries are a form of expression from someone when they bring out their imagination. Can be in the form of stories, beauties, or outpouring of heart into a work of art. Fine art will be one of the most interesting discussions. Of course not everyone knows what art is and what it functions. Next we will discuss about the definition of art.

Understanding Fine Arts

Fine art is one branch of art in creating works of art using media that can be taken with the naked eye and can not only be accepted or touched with our sense of touch. Everything that creates or creates works of art surely spills appearance, beauty, love, and various things on a medium which can then be seen directly or touched.

One form of this artwork is painting. A painter of course draws his imagination and reveals it on canvas which later becomes a very beautiful work of art. Not only that, the painter also added a variety of color patterns that increasingly add to that value.
Some beautiful paintings can make people who are mesmerized and lost in the beauty of the artwork. Therefore canceling any of the senior arts … Read More