What are the 5 most beautiful souvenirs in Spain?

When planning your trip to Spain, be sure to leave room in your luggage to bring back souvenirs such as a leather wine bottle, a Spanish fan, or a sherry bottle.

Whether you are shopping for the perfect gift for a loved one or just want to get something to remember your trip, there are plenty of local shops around major tourist destinations such as Barcelona and Madrid, where you can support local artists and you can take it home. a piece of culture.

The best Souvenirs from Spain

A large number of souvenirs from Spain from different manufacturers are launched every year. Given this, choosing the right option is not easy. You have to be very patient to compare all the available souvenirs and choose the best one. That’s why we offer you the list of the best souvenirs in Spain, according to opinionsespana.es.

1.  Sword of Toledo

Toledo has been famous for its steel for centuries, and its swords and shields equipped the cavalry of Europe until firearms made them useless. Made now exclusively for tourists, they are still of good quality and perfect for fans of historic weapons.

If you don’t have a real need for a sword, a Toledo steel opener can be purchased for about $ 12. However, whatever you buy, keep in mind that it will have to be shipped home to the states. Combined or stored in luggage, if checked, fits. In addition, useful and nice souvenir ideas from Spain can be found on yoursurprise. So, the person who will receive the souvenir from you will be very happy.

2.  Sherry of Jerez

The wine is made all over Spain, but none is as distinctive as the Jerez wine, known as sherry in English. If you’ve never tasted sherry, expect something different from regular wine. The special environmental climate of Jerez and the way the sherry is fortified give them an unusual taste, with which they get used.

3.  Saffron from Granada

Saffron, is an essential ingredient for paella and makes any Spanish dish taste more authentic. Saffron is quite expensive when imported into the United States, so buying it domestically in Spain can save you a few bucks and give you the best ingredients to take home. The cheapest place to get this spice is next to Granada Cathedral, where traders sell other spices, such as Pakistani tea, a black tea with cinnamon, vanilla, and cardamom pods.

4.  Flamenco clothing

Spain hosts the dramatic and passionate style of flamenco music and dance, making it the perfect place to buy a dress, shawl, or flamenco shoes. If you want something smaller, pick up some chestnuts, concave wooden shells that flamenco dancers click as a percussion instrument.

5.  A Manila Shawl

It is extravagant and impractical. I mean, it’s the perfect gift. Something like this can only be desirable. Manila shawls are a completely old-fashioned accessory. Therefore, due to their low interest in being fashionable, they are irresistible. Part of its interest lies in its paradox: one of the most Spanish accessories is of Chinese origin. It arrived in Spain through the Philippines in the 18th century and was a constant resource in flamenco dance, Andalusian festivals, and Manolas.

They all follow the same pattern: it is a square piece embroidered in silk. The original (and the one we have to look for) is hand embroidered. Casa Juan Foronda, in Seville, is a specialist in shawl and embroidery design. It’s just worth the shopping experience, with a thousand and one color combinations and that fringe and flower dance.