Understanding Fine Arts

Definition, Function, Types, and Elements in Fine Arts. What is Fine Arts? The era that continues to grow also increases developments in the arts. There is a lot of new knowledge or knowledge in senior fields that is growing day by day. There is no limit in the senior field, because seniors on boundaries are a form of expression from someone when they bring out their imagination. Can be in the form of stories, beauties, or outpouring of heart into a work of art. Fine art will be one of the most interesting discussions. Of course not everyone knows what art is and what it functions. Next we will discuss about the definition of art.

Understanding Fine Arts

Fine art is one branch of art in creating works of art using media that can be taken with the naked eye and can not only be accepted or touched with our sense of touch. Everything that creates or creates works of art surely spills appearance, beauty, love, and various things on a medium which can then be seen directly or touched.

One form of this artwork is painting. A painter of course draws his imagination and reveals it on canvas which later becomes a very beautiful work of art. Not only that, the painter also added a variety of color patterns that increasingly add to that value.
Some beautiful paintings can make people who are mesmerized and lost in the beauty of the artwork. Therefore canceling any of the senior arts which is able to keep the viewer entertained.

Understanding Fine Arts According to Experts

  • La Mery. A 2-dimensional art expert reveals what art is. Fine art is a form of symbolic vision that is shaped and more tangible and a more beautiful form of expression.
  • Haukin. Fine art is a form of expression of someone who is imagined in a beautiful form, then presented well by many people in art shows or exhibitions.

Fine art which describes itself in a form that then makes a person able to vent what is being received, so as to make people who feel happy working like that.

  • Coorig Hartog. Fine art is a form and expression that can be enjoyed and understood by others who are seen.
  • Sussane K Langer. Fine art is a form of beautiful human work that can be enjoyed with taste by others through certain beautiful media.

From the explanation of the definition of art, the general purpose of art is the form of someone who is poured into works of art that contain special value.