How to Learn Spanish By Watching Movies and TV Series

Learning is one of the most beautiful and exciting things. However, what should be easy and exciting can turn out to be difficult and exhausting when done in the wrong way. Visual aids are one of the facilities that aid learning processes. It is more effective than reading a book.

If you decide on learning Spanish, it’s easier to do by watching movies and TV series. This allows you to hear the language and enjoy the culture. Several Spanish movies can aid this. You do this first by surfing the Internet for quality movies that can help you learn Spanish.

Spanish review platforms like Disney plus allow you to know what people think about them, their experiences and reviews. If you are still not satisfied with the reviews, you can try your hands on some others on your smart tv.

Here are 6 helpful ways in which you can learn Spanish by watching movies and TV series:

1.   Get familiar with the scenes

Getting familiar with the scenes in the movie helps you to know what to expect. It stimulates your memory and makes you focus more on the language.

2.   Focus on short scenes

Short scenes, particularly those with one or two speaking characters, will help you get the right pronunciation, intonation and pitch. Focus on those moments and get the best out of them to enable you to understand important words in Spanish.

3.   Learn with someone

Group learning is advisable for this. If you are not a fan of seeing a movie with someone, you may want to consider this option because it is worth it. By learning together, you and the other person can then dialogue together. Also, you both can take roles in the movie and converse like they do in the movie.

4.   Watch an English movie in Spanish

For an English movie, try the subtitle option and select the Spanish language. Since you have seen the movie, you’d mostly understand what they are saying, and you would be able to know what they are saying in Spanish. If there are unfamiliar words, check the dictionary for their meaning.

5.   Listen, Pause and Repeat

Practice by repeating the lines from the movie. Talkback at the movie. You can even decide to choose a particular role and dialogue. Pause and say each line repeatedly to keep it in memory.

Change roles again and record, then compare it to that of the movies. By now, you should be getting close to speaking Spanish fluently.

6.   Rewatch your favorite parts

There have to be favorite parts in the movie which you like. Perhaps the intonation, the action as well as the tension of the scene is what captivates your interest. Play it over again, memorize it, speak the lines along with the characters.

There is no hard and fast rule to speaking Spanish fluently, especially by watching movies or TV series. What you need to do is to be attentive and real. Conditioning your mind to learn will set the pace.