How Music Changes Through Time

Music has been one of the greatest artistic expressions to ever exist in the history of human culture. As we go along through different societal changes, music is also going through countless changes through time. In ancient times, humans made music by closely recreating and mimicking the sounds that they were hearing around them. Over time, we began to further develop our culture and we started to discover numerous inventions.

These changes were also significantly influencing the world of music. People have developed musical instruments that are available everywhere. We have created the best electric violin, guitar, piano, and many more. Music became more powerful and it will still develop as time goes by.

Music has always been evolving from time to time. People go through a lot of changes and they start to discover many ways to live with music. Here is a brief discussion of the evolution of classical music to modern music:

Medieval music period

This is the first period of music from 1150 to 1400. Music in this period is particularly connected to the church. Meaning to say, people are making religious music based on their principles and beliefs. Usually, songs were written in one musical line and it would gradually develop as the musical period began to move along.

Renaissance music period

This period of music happened from 1400 to 1600. In the fifteenth century, it is when the period of music began to encounter and witness more liberated music. People started to enjoy a vast amount of freedom and they are almost devoted to choral writing with few instrumental compositions that are very accurate.

Baroque music period

During the baroque period of music that occurred from 1600 to 1750, the musical foundations were laid. In more than 300 years, musical expressions have become widely known. People also started to discover opera and the modern orchestra. Until about 1700, melodic lines and chord progressions became more prominent in this particular period of music.

Classical music period

The classical period happened from 1750 to 1830. It was the period of music that introduced the musical form that is dominating in terms of instrumental compositions. The most significant characteristic of the classical music period is the clarity of structure in music. People became obsessed with making musical compositions with structural clarity.

Early romantic music period

The early romantic music period occurred from 1830 to 1860. In this period, the musicians and composers are trying to make balance with the formal and informal artistic expressions in music. There are countless musical approaches that make people overwhelmed. The search for individuality and originality began to emerge in this period. People are looking for a sound in which they will be prominent and distinct.

Late romantic music period

This particular period of late romantic music occurred from 1860 to 1920. During this point in time, music has become more widely known to the people. A lot of musicians and composers are beginning to take inspiration from any particular concepts or ideas. They are allowing natural inspiration to freely take over their musical artistic expressions. They began to adapt to a more dramatic and emotional content in music.

Modern music period

The early modern music period began to emerge in 1920 to the present. This is the point when the musicians are starting to find their own taste in music. They have different aspects and contents. They have their own opposing and contradictory principles in music. The diversity of style and compositions is prominent.


The changes and development in music are moving incredibly fast. People are eager to discover different ways on how to improve and make progress in every aspect of music. Today, the sound of music has become more elaborate and complex. As time goes by, people will be exposed to multiple elements from one place to another. Since music is open to many changes, we might still discover a lot of concepts and ideas in music. The evolution of classical music to modern music is never-ending. Let us all wait and see how far we can go in music.