Handicraft Art

Crafts are making good works or goods by relying on hand skills that are done with extraordinary abilities that have the purpose or function to be used or used and do not rule out beauty or aesthetics so that they have high purchasing power. The higher the value of the quality of the work, the more expensive the price. So the main interest in the work is to prioritize quality for loyal customers and society in general. Try to associate with our lives. The more qualified our scientific knowledge will be increasingly valued by others and even God will provide something extraordinary that we never thought would come.

Crafts have two functions, namely the Use Function and Decorative Function.

  • Use function is the result of the work that must be used in daily life, but also do not forget to pay attention to the beauty as well, because it is useful but not beautiful it becomes Unattractive.
  • Ornamental functions are works that we have only for decoration. There is no beauty priority.

Let’s associate with our lives. Humans made by God besides being beautiful can also benefit others. As good as humans are those who can benefit others.

Crafts, when viewed in terms of materials, is divided into 2 namely:

  1. Hard craft material, which is a craft whose material is not easily broken. For example wood, bamboo, iron, aluminum, etc. So if we want to make a work with a particular technique, then the technique must be adapted to the material used. Example: Iron is the technique of making his work by welding, then if the material is wood, then the way of making his work is carved.
  2. Soft crafts are crafts that are easily formed even without the use of tools, just use your hands. For example, we want to make ceramics, then the material is using clay.

Factors that influence the characteristics of the craft of an area:

  1. Cultural factors become the first influence, for example, culture with a carving house, each work is always realized by carving. Proven many ancient relics that use carvings.
  2. Geographical Location. Geographical location also affects crafts. just compare people who live on the coast, then the craft is to make a net or trawl of fish, make a boat and others, develop your own.
  3. Natural Resources is the next influential factor. For example, there are a lot of bamboo plants, so many people make handicrafts with bamboo material.

Stage or method of making handicrafts:

  1. Make a design or design.
  2. Preparing tools and materials.
  3. Making objects according to design.
  4. Finishing (final stage).