Everything you need to know about acoustic guitars

There are plenty of guitars out there, but many people start with an acoustic one. In order to play this guitar, you must know a bit more about it. You may know what genre it’s mostly played in or how it looks, but there is much more to it. For example, the difficulty. This is a very important aspect of guitars. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place.

Archtop acoustic guitar

The archtop acoustic guitar is particularly popular in the jazz, blues and rock community. As the name suggests, it has an arched top and it looks quite a lot like a violin. It has six strings, just like a regular acoustic guitar, but it also has a movable adjustable bridge. You can even go to a custom guitar maker, who can make these kinds of guitars and are very good at what they do. The snares for these guitars may vary. Some use heavy strings that may be difficult to play at first, but others use the standard electric guitar strings. These are lighter and easier to press, so make sure you pay attention to that in case this matters a lot to you.

Classical acoustic guitar

This guitar is the most used acoustic guitar. It has six strings, like many other guitars, and has a flat top and back. Contrary to the archtop acoustic guitar, this one is often used in more calm music. It’s often used in pop or country music, but it makes its occasional appearance in other genres. The thing this guitar and the archtop guitar have in common is that for both of them, custom guitar makers are able to make these for you. When choosing this, you have to keep in mind that you won’t be able to play it in just a few days. The snares are pretty thick and you really have to press hard in order to make it sound good.

Custom guitar makers

This topic has been thrown around a few times, but what can you expect from a custom guitar? These custom guitars are hand-made and naturally take a lot of time. The makers need to select the right wood, need to shape the guitar and add the final coating. Most of the custom guitars are acoustic ones, whether they’re the classical acoustic or the archtop. Will you go for an classical acoustic guitar or a custom archtop guitar? This decision is entirely up to you. This blogpost has provided you with some more information about acoustic guitars, so perhaps you’ve already been able to make up your mind.