Get yourself some customer instax film for the perfect polaroid

About 1,5 years ago, we were all dying for a party. Lockdown was really kicking in at this point. People were getting grumpy, lonely, and really bored with their own homes. Making another jigsaw just wasn’t exiting anymore. We’ve tried a lot of things to keep ourselves entertained, but for the long term, none of these things really worked. We needed to see our friends and family again. Even though for some, not needing to plan a birthday party as a blessing in disguise, we are now all at that point that we lack some social interaction. Luckily, the world is slowly opening up. It may be two steps forwards and one step back, but at least it’s a start. Recently, I’ve started planning the Christmas party for my company again. Because this will be one of the first party’s everybody’s attending since lockdown, I really want to impress. Which is why I’m ordering some custom instax film along with a brand new polaroid camera. This will surely be a hit.

Customize your company party

Each company party has to have one of a few things. It has to have guilty pleasure songs, plenty of drinks, snacks, and it has to have someway to remember the night. For most companies, this comes in the form of a professional photographer. But I am going to buy a polaroid camera for my company. I am also going to customize the picture we print by buying some custom instax film. The polaroid camera will print the picture on this custom instax film. In doing so, it will create a picture that is completely in the theme of the company and of them party. Now instead of receiving the photo’s 2 weeks after the party from the photographer, you can immediately see you and your colleagues having a great time.

Where to buy this?

Buying a polaroid camera online is easy. There are many retailers that can offer you a polaroid camera. However, producing custom instax film is a bit more challenging. That is why I will go to Fotoflyer. These guys have a lot of experience in making a custom film. So I hope that Fotoflyer can help me out as well. I know that this polaroid camera can really help create everlasting memories of a great company party. So lets hope we can still have our party, you never what lies in store the following months.