6 Best Smartphones for Music in 2021

The smartphone has a lot of features, it is used mostly for communication and so many other things.

Based on the suggestions or information gathered from Collected.Reviews, for most people in the world, the smartphone is the most convenient way to listen to music. With a smartphone, listening to music has been easier and also with the help of music streaming sources and data.

Though sometimes data connections might be poor in some areas but we all have our different opinions about mobile networks, so we can easily choose the best in our environment. So therefore, you can easily listen to whatever music you want at any time and anywhere.

There are various types of smartphone out there in the market and as new generations of phones are being produced, they come with new features and modified specifications. This is why it is important that you have an idea of the top best smartphones for music that can provide you with better sound. Now here are some of the overall best smartphones for music in 2021.


1.Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus:

The Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with a good 3.5 headphone jack for its users which makes it excellent for music. This phone has an amazing volume and low harmonic distortion to your wired headphone device. And it also has many more great features for music thereby providing you with better audio experience while watching movies too.

2.LG V50 ThinQ 5G:

Most people don’t buy LG phones, but still it deserves a place in the heart of every music or audio fan. It has the Quad DAC hardware installed in it. This phone has a whole bunch of other techs as well which makes it one of the best designed geeky sound customization of any phone.

3.Iphone 11 Pro:

This phone is said to be Apple’s most powerful phone, it has strong speakers and is a great choice when it comes to audio with so many tech features that helps in making the sound to be much wider and more expanded. This phone also offers a top wireless headphone support.

4.One Plus 7 PRO:

This phone has a long lasting and excellent battery life which makes it great for music. If you want to stream and listen and listen to music all day then you need a phone with a great battery life.

5. Apple Iphone XR:

This is a great phone for music with a much affordable price to buy. But you have to sacrifice the storage expansion and the 3.5 headphone jack and then buy an extra adapter to allow you to go for a wired device for music.

6.LG G85 ThinQ:

This smartphone is said to be the best of all when it comes to pure sound clarity and audio quality. It consists of a DTS: X 3D sound system for movies and a 32-bit HiFi Quad DAC. With this the phone provides you with an audio experience with less noise, less distortion and a wide dynamic range than other smartphones.


Many of us get through the day by listening to music. Discovering a smartphone that delivers the best audio experience is not so easy but with the help of the top smartphones listed above, you can easily go to the store and get a smartphone that is best for music and possibly even better than the phone you are using now.