Rachel Kneebone at the V&A – ‘Renaissance Meets the Contemporary’

No visit to London would be complete without a visit to some of its world-class museums. Located in Kensington, the V&A (Victoria & Albert Museum) is one of the UK’s top tourist sites, attracting nearly 4 million visitors every year. In its 145 galleries, it houses 2.27 million objects which make up the world’s largest collection of decorative arts and designs. Apart from its permanent collection, it also hosts a number of temporary exhibitions. For many Britons, the museum’s lack of entrance fees gives them the opportunity to access free entertainment and culture.

Since April 2017, it has hosted works by the British contemporary artist, Rachel Kneebone (1973-). Her works have been displayed among the museum’s Medieval and Renaissance collection (Room 50a) to illustrate her influences, among whom she singles out Ovid, Dante and William Blake. Her works also share the quality of the past to convey highly emotive states.

Kneebone has chosen porcelain as her medium of choice. Although traditionally associated with arousing feelings of repose and stillness, the intense emotions conveyed in her works introduce a feeling of movement and fluidity which fits in with her themes. She often introduces ruptures and cracks in her finished works to … Read More

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Understanding Of Miracle According to Belief

The quotation below presents a Charismatic theologian who believes that miracles are still present in this day and the second quote from an Evangelical Protestant theologian who does not deny the power of God to perform miracles today but also with a warning that we Christians remain vigilant because Satan is also active in working miracles too to mislead Christians. Book about miracles https://davidhoffmeister.com/this-moment-is-your-miracle-book/

The significance of this article is to present a view that preserves the existence and continuity of miracles and the gift of miracles. While healing is related to physical healing, miracles are more extensive than healing. Some healing cases mentioned in the Bible can be categorized as miracles. For example, the healing of a paralytic performed by Jesus
At this time there are many different views and responses about miracles which can be grouped into three main views

Skeptical views, which deny miracles can occur. They don’t believe in miracles. Besides skepticism, which is included in this view, among others, agnosticism, empiricism, naturalism, rationalism, and materialism

The Cessationist view, which believed that miracles actually happened in the Bible, but God had stopped doing miracles when His revelation was completed in the Word of God. So in … Read More

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