Planning a Trip to a Festival Abroad

Going abroad for a festival is instantly 10 times more exciting than going to one on home soil. It’s the idea of a holiday and the festival experience mixed into one that sends thousands of Brits abroad for summer every year. However, planning your escapade abroad isn’t nearly as exciting as it sounds, and there’s a lot to consider including those all-important travel itineraries. Here’s our handy guide on planning a trip to a festival abroad:

Getting the Travel Details Right

Co-ordinating your schedules so you’re all in one place to plan the trip can be difficult when your friends all work different hours. Set up that all important WhatsApp group so there are no excuses. You may be planning to head straight to the festival site or perhaps you’re going to have a luxurious stopover in a hotel before you slum it for the rest of the weekend. The key is to plan months in advance to avoid any last minute rushes. You’ll also want to make sure you plan every step of the journey down to the last detail – no one likes to be stranded in an airport after a poorly planned missed connection. You can even download a handy travel planning app to help you stay organised.

What to Pack

Packing everything you need to make the festival experience the best it can be is vitally important. How well you pack can completely determine the kind of holiday you have. If you don’t pack enough of your home comforts, you may not enjoy your time there as much as you could have. The most crucial things to pack include:


Let’s face it, festivals can be messy, dirty and unsanitary places. Therefore, you need to ensure you’re prepared with the ultimate toiletry bag. Face wipes, hand sanitiser, ear plugs, sun cream, moisturiser and plasters are all essentials, so it’s not just you womens sleepwear you need to remember.


When it comes to clothing, try not to over pack. The likelihood is you’ll be re-wearing a lot of the clothing you pack – that’s just the festival way. So keep it stylish and simple with swimwear, jean shorts, a few vest tops and some basic dresses. If you want, under can be worn as outerwear a lot at festivals and wearing some designer lingerie underneath possibly give you a perfect festival finish

Useful Things

There are a few little things you should pack that will enhance your festival experience, and certainly make it a lot easier. Bring items like: a travel pillow, snacks, a waterproof jacket, an umbrella and a water bottle to make the festival as comfortable as possible.


The Festival Lifestyle

Don’t forget that a festival abroad is unlike any festival back home, you’re in completely new surroundings that you can take the opportunity to explore! If you have the time, spend a couple of days after the festival (or even during the festival) discovering the local area being typical tourists. You’ll probably … Read More

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Opportunity to be a Virtual Voice Changer

Many are still unfamiliar with the term voice. This word comes from English, “voice over”. Still feeling strange? The voice filler is actually almost met every time. If you watch TV, then there are advertisements that contain human voices, whether talking or singing, then that’s what a voice actor does. In English, the voice is referred to as “voice over talent” or “voice over artist”. They are in charge of voting for animated films, TV shows, documentation narratives, advertisements, and so on.

Now, being a voice doesn’t have to come to the studio. All voice jobs can be done from home. Advertising, TV, radio industry, to the internet, always need a voice. Moreover, video, TV, and streaming radio are increasingly popular. Virtual voice fillers can work in their spare time at home, supported by multimedia technology. Income? Not inferior to other online jobs if you are interested in learning English you can visit the site

How to start?

1. Develop role art talent
Being a voice is almost the same as acting, the only difference is that your voice appears. Still, you have to master the role art because your voice must be able to portray various characters as needed. If you like to imitate the style of talking people and make people around you sure, then you have talent in acting. Even if only your voice is acting, this is precisely the kind of difficult acting. You must be able to portray something without the gesture, facial expression, or movement. It all depends on how to talk, style, intonation, ability to master characters.

2. Take a course if necessary
What if it turns out it is less talented but you like and are enthusiastic in this field? Practice or if necessary take a vocal training course. You can also join theater clubs which usually have sound-based role-art training methods.

3. Record your voice
The sound we hear directly is often the result is different from the sound recorded. Try recording your voice, by reading a monologue or narration from the script. Rotate and see what the results look like. Is it clear enough, quite in line with expectations? Continue to practice until the recordings of your voice are not much different from your original voice or even better. Practice reading in a clear and loud voice, because the activity of a voice actor will often involve teleprompter reading.

4. Make a demo
The demo is a portfolio for a virtual voice actor. This is what will become a mainstay when he is looking for work. Then make a demo as perfect as possible. Make a few demos with different characters, but what you think is the most you master. Prepare at least 3 to 4 demos.
Some must be prepared in making a demo:

• Prepare a script
Choose a script that is compact, solid, delicious to say. The agents or producers only have a short time, between 10-15 seconds, to hear the demo. Because they can receive … Read More

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Most moving tracks and musical enjoyment – get everything you want in one click

Description: If you adore music, you must have faced the problem of downloading it or knowing more about the song you liked. Rildi grants you the possibility of doing it. There you can search the music you like and find out the details you need and even get it for free!

Everyone is more or less a music lover. We listen to songs from classics to jazz to rock and other music genres. And it’s not always so easy to find everything we want or see the recent tracks. Some people would ask what to do? The answer to this question is contained in the article.

What does the service represent?

This website is a big online player; it’s absolutely free and the time of listening isn’t limited. You can enjoy your favorite songs 24/7 and pay nothing for it! Then, it grants you the possibility to choose a music genre: you have several selections of playlists with a wide number of songs. Moreover, if one knows only the name of the song, it can easily be found with the singer’s name, the duration and even with the video clip! So, the website offers you to observe and listen to the newest songs, to make a search using the name of the song or the author, and to download most popular songs.

The genres available on the website:

This service offers a wide choice of music genres:

  • Alternative;
  • Blues;
  • Classical;
  • Dance;
  • Instrumental;
  • Jazz;
  • Pop;
  • Rap;

Furthermore, people can see all songs by one singer and visit an online radio.

Considering everything said above, we recommend the website to everyone. It has a simple and lovely design and really cool music. Visit the website and see for yourselves!… Read More

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