Art that is always in interest for some people

avant-garde cinema artists who create works at the crossroads of genres and disciplines. He makes experimental feature films, drawing inspiration from visual arts. These films, recorded on 16 and 35 mm films, are equally relevant both in theaters and in modern art galleries.

His works are included in the most prestigious collections in the entire world; they can be seen at exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art Saint-Etienne (2009), Lisbon (2010), Perm (2011); After an exhibition at Yan Space in Beijing in 2013, Pierre Couliboeff received the Prix Art China Award, which recognized important artists such as China for Andy Warhol, Marcel Duchamp or Nobuyoshi Araki.

In December, in St. Petersburg, you will be able to see the installation of photos of Pierre Kouliboeff in the Jan Fabre festival program at BDT Love Is The Power Supreme, as well as the feature film “Somewhere Between” and take part in creative meetings with artists themselves in Manege.

The Warriors of Beauty – a video installation inspired by Jan Fabre’s theater work. According to the author: “Beauty Warriors is a rewrite of the theater world of Fabre in the film genre: fantasy whose characters are individuals who devote themselves to strange, absurd rituals (are they crazy?) Inside the labyrinth of walls (is this a crazy house?). This ritual presented in the form of constant and endless choreographic movements. The film is a reinterpretation of the world of Jan Fabre; it is a projection to another dimension, the world of fiction, different, mysterious, based on Greek myths. “

This film features a Meg Stewart choreography experiment. Specifically for this film, Meg Stuart – an influential American dancer and choreographer – re-creates daily motion pictures. An odd pair of marginal movements; two girls in the apartment; love couple in a dilapidated house; women in underground parking; Other girls who want to move to Switzerland and become victims of various situations – all this is material for choreographic and cinematic research. The name of the film reflects the idea of ​​uncertainty: the uncertainty of places, characters, situations and relationships between film actors – uncertainty as to the basis of Meg Stuart’s artistic style.

The meeting was moderated by film critic and director of the New Cinema Debut International Festival in New Holland, Alexei Artamonov.

The meeting will be held in French with translation into Russian. Participation is free, after previous registration

Police puzzle or love game? Mysterious stew patterns appear on the surface of chaos. It’s guessing ideas … Faces … Strange signs form strange combinations, hieroglyphics, moving figures … The film re-creates the imaginative world of photographer Jean-Luc Moulin. The director plays with the traditional genre of art (portraits, landscapes, nudes, still life paintings), which Moulin uses in his work. The film can be seen at Marble Palace from 3 to 20 December.

The meeting with Pierre Kuliböf was conducted by Olesya Turkina, Leading Researcher from the Latest Museum Trends Department of Russia, Ph.D. in Art History, Associate Professor from the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies and Practices in the Field of Art, and Anastasia Karlova, Candidate for Cultural Studies, Leading Researcher from the Museum Department Russia.

The meeting will be held in French with translation into Russian; Admission is free with prior registration